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Ninja Blade

Set atop the skyscrapers of modern-day Tokyo, Ninja Blade finds players slicing their way through hordes of infected monsters in a battle to save humanity. Gamers take on the role of Ken Ogawa, member of a highly skilled team of ninjas, as he and his team fight to prevent the spread of a deadly disease. Unfortunately, the team is betrayed by one of its own, leaving Ogawa to fight the genetically mutated monsters alone. Players don't enter the battle unprepared though, as Ogawa comes equipped with a variety of weapons, tools, and special ninja powers. The "Ninja Vision" power lets gamers see enemy weaknesses, secret paths, and hidden information, but enabling this power also leaves Ogawa susceptible to increased damage. The "Todome" power deals a fatal wound to enemy hearts, while "Ninjutsu" unleashes an explosion of electricity that can either stun opponents or protect Ogawa from attack. His traditional weapons, such as dual swords, grappling hooks, and grenades, dole out quite a bit of punishment as well, but the different environments mean players must think strategically when selecting the best combination of weapons to use.

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