Nyrius NiPV800 7" LCD Rechargeable Portable Video Dock Player for iPod/iPhone with Built-in Speakers

Wouldn’t it be great to watch your iPod/iPhone’s media on a bigger screen while remaining portable? The Nyrius NIPV800 Portable Video Dock gives you the ability to watch your iPod/iPhone on a 7” LCD screen anytime, anywhere. Now you can decide where, when and how you watch or listen to your iPod/iPhone. The Nyrius NiPV800 is an all-in-one audio/video solution for your iPod/iPhone. Simply plug your iPod/iPhone into the universal dock and your music will play through the powerful built in speakers while your downloaded movies, streaming video or your favorite photos display on the vivid, crystal clear, 16:9 widescreen. The completely portable and rechargeable NiPV800 can be taken on those long car rides to keep the kids entertained, or just used while relaxing in bed or on the couch quietly by the fireplace.

7” Vivid 16:9 Widescreen LCD Display: While your iPod/iPhone already has a magnificent screen, it is small. With the NiPV800 you will enjoy a much larger viewing area than your standard iPod/iPhone screen. Watching full length movies from your iPod/iPhone can sometimes be difficult to view. Now you can plug in your iPod/iPhone and watch full video comfortably on the 7” LCD screen for hours with ease.

Powerful Built-in Stereo Speakers: The Nyrius NiPV800’s powerful built in speakers were manufactured to hi-fidelity standards resulting in crystal clear, undistorted sound for easy listening. The NiPV800 will amplify your iPod/iPhone’s sound without the need for messy headphones or wires. This revolutionary video dock can also be used as a portable stereo system. Bring it out on the patio, to the beach, or on that upcoming camping trip and don’t miss a beat.

Charge your iPod/iPhone and the NiPV800 Simultaneously: The Nyrius NiPV800 also acts as a portable charging station. It will charge your iPod/iPhone and the NiPV800 simultaneously while connected to an AC power outlet or a vehicle’s 12 volt cigarette lighter. If you are not connected to a power source the iPod/iPhone will charge directly from the video dock. If your iPod/iPhone is already charged, it will remain fully charged when you are finished using the NiPV800. This results in continuous uninterrupted playing for your pure enjoyment.

Over 3 hours of Continuous Playback: You can watch up to 3 hours of video on this system without having to re-charge the video dock. The premium built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides the Nyrius NiPV800 with the power to outlast those long flights or car trips with the kids.

Easily Connects to your Big Screen TV: If the 7” screen isn’t enough for you, you can connect the system directly to your big screen TV and home theatre system and play your videos and music on an even larger scale. Perfect for entertaining, this multi-use system will easily connect to your TV or stereo with a simple RCA audio/video connection. So if your favorite song or movie is on your iPod/iPhone you can enjoy it on your home entertainment set up with ease.


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