Pro Cast Sports Fishing XBox

Pro Cast Sports Fishing
Developed specifically for Xbox, Capcom's first fishing title features a cast of three fishermen and the lure of three modes of play: Arcade, Free Fishing, and Simulation. Simulation challenges players to attain the title of Master Bass Fisherman, which involves winning a series of tournaments held on different lakes. Players can steer their boat anywhere they want along a 3D lake, then select a lure and cast their line into the water. The camera will follow beneath the water's surface for a look at biting fish, and players must carefully reel in their catch while monitoring the line's tension, represented by a horizontal meter.

By winning events, players can earn points used to purchase different types of lures, upgrades to the boat, and perhaps even a lucky hat. Arcade simplifies the action to the point where players are merely trying to make a top ten list based on the number of bass caught within the time limit. Free Fishing has players testing the waters at various times of day and in different weather conditions without the added pressure of a time limit. To help increase replay value, the developers have included various options and side quests, such as hunting for the legendary "mirage fish" lurking somewhere within the lakes making up the Pro Cast: Sports Fishing world.


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