Saw - [Xbox 360] - Used


Grown-up gamers solve life-and-death puzzles as time runs out in Saw, a brutally graphic horror adventure based on the Lionsgate film series. In the role of a detective on the trail of the twisted serial killer known as Jigsaw, players find themselves trapped in the sadistic game master's lair -- an abandoned asylum full of deadly devices, vicious minions, and other poor victims. The hero's partner is already gone, and other helpless innocents are soon to follow, unless the detective can act quickly and correctly to save them. First, however, he'll need to save himself, as he begins the adventure with his head encased in bear trap that is ready to be sprung. Manipulating traps and other deadly devices in the game is accomplished through Quick Time-style events, in which players must accurately match button-presses to onscreen cues in fast succession. The play of the game also involves exploration, inventory puzzles, stealth, and melee combat, as players explore the asylum, attempt to free other victims, and eliminate Jigsaw's thugs. Players' actions and choices influence the progression of the game's storyline, which is written to pose the same kind of gruesome moral dilemmas that Jigsaw's victims face in the feature films. As horror fans make their way through the adventure, the origin of the puppet head-proxy villain is revealed, along with the mysterious fates of other characters from the original Saw movie.

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