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Velvet Assassin

Velvet Assassin is a violent stealth action game set in German-controlled territory at the height of World War II. Players take the role of Violette Summer, a young woman who has lost everything to the war, and who now only seeks revenge against the Nazi regime that destroyed her world. In the missions of the game's single-player campaign, Violette sabotages important facilities, disrupts enemy communications and logistics lines, and silently eliminates prominent Nazi soldiers and officials. At times, Violette can don leather cat burglar clothing to help her sneak through the darkness, or a Nazi Officer's uniform, when it's better to hide in plain sight. In moments of desperation -- and after she's collected enough syringe icons -- Violette can also be seen fighting in her nightgown, in special enhanced-ability sequences with a "bullet-time"-styled slow-motion effect. The game's entire adventure is presented as a flashback, as Violette lies in a coma in hospital and relives the most thrilling and perilous moments of her missions, all in her mind. Players can collect syringes to give the comatose Violette a morphine injection, which grants her extraordinary speed and accuracy in the action of her dream, and also causes her to appear in action wearing her hospital clothes. Velvet Assassin is based on the story of real-life Allied secret agent and recipient of the George Cross, Violette Szabo, who revealed the locations of crucial bombing targets and disrupted German communications following D-Day, before being captured, tortured, and eventually killed in the line of duty.

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