Be a virtual pilot unlike in 3d dreams

Some people think that becoming a pilot is as easy as just like eating a banana. They feel that just remove the peel or skin over the banana and put it in to mouth and that’s all it will smoothly slide through throat.  

Some other people think that to be a pilot is, as like as in dreams. These people jump in to dreams by closing the eyes in the day. They dream in day and imagine that they are sitting in a cockpit of a flight, in front of control panel and holding the liver ready to pull, they fly in the beautifully dreams that, they are in touch with Air Traffic Control waiting for the instructions to takeoff the flight and asking them about the atmosphere weather conditions, whether to takeoff or not. They assume themselves as an experienced gem pilot moving from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad, India and much more. The dreams of these people never ends it will go on and they swim in the fiction and fantasy.  

Do you think to be a pilot is that much easy like eating a banana, or flying in the skies spreading the wings and swinging hands in the clouds in dreams? What ever you may be thinking, but I don’t consider one can become a virtual pilot with the 3d dream. Of course dreaming in 3 dimensions is great fascinating. But he dreams never be true without putting efforts.

Even though there is a significant fact which is hidden in these dreams that, they will facilitate to create skeleton structure for your future planning. It will provide a scope to think what appropriate steps to be taken to achieve your goal to be a virtual pilot. It will show the path how you can hit your target.

My motto to write this article is not to insult or criticise any one. But I like to share my experience which is happened with one of my friend, he wanted to be a real pilot in his life but he never moved his steps to shoot the ball and pointed his arrows to hit the bull’s eye. He spent most of the time just by giving a false message among the friends and relative circle, and latter he settled in another job instead being a virtual pilot. After some time he started to play online flight simulation games and he himself feel like a real pilot to complete the desire of his life achievement in 3d games online.   

In the process of becoming a real pilot one has to chalk out the plan by doing some homework to select the best pilot training school which is suitable for you by keeping in view of your financial position and comfort to reach the training school. It is also necessary to confirm the requirement about the physical and educational qualification to get admission in pilot school. Take admission in your chosen pilot training school in which the faculty is having a good academic and technical background and you need to gain minimum 40 hours flight time, and FAA will conduct a written examination too in which you should get qualified. When you pass the test conducted by the FAA then you will be awarded with a license to fly.

Finally, to achieve our goal there should be a strong desire and ambition. The goals can be hit by chasing and chasing can be done when you have a proper planning and knowledge. The knowledge can be gain by research, so ultimately research for the materials that are required to achieve the target.

So remember the people whose names we consider as great, they were not reached to that degree of greatness as simply as we think, they might have faced lot of struggles in their life.

With best wishes and regards to hit the target and try to be a real pilot instead of imaginary pilot like in dreams or by playing 3d virtual flight simulation games online like my friend.        

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