Can you imagine the Excitement in Exploring an Earth?

We all know that earth is a densest and beautiful planet. It is a small rocky planet, sometimes called a terrestrial planet. It is the 3rd planet from the Sun in our Solar System. It is the third planet from the sun and the only known planet that contains liquid water or life. Earth is a single planet in the universe known to possess life.

If we study about the earth in depth, we can find that earth is only a plant in the system of solar family, which is surrounded by the life giving gas known as Oxygen. The human believe that this is the planet God has designed for life. It is one such planet that provides an atmosphere, which helps to sustain life. It is the only planet that has a grouping of an atmosphere, weather, seasons and water.

Earth, it is the only known planet in the system of solar family with living organisms. It is the 4th biggest planet, subsequent to the planets Jupiter, Neptune & Saturn. It is a average sized planet with a thick weather and atmosphere. Earth is a very special planet which has layers of atmosphere containing friendly gases.
Earth is well thought-out to be a young planet; of course it is still changing and will take more changes. It is much larger than the Sun. The Moon has much more water than the Earth. It has one natural satellite, the Moon. It has 1 moon and Pluto has 1 one large moon and 2 small moons. Earth has one moon, but Mars has two moons which grace its skies.

Earth is about twice as big as Mars, which is about twice as big as the Moon. It has one satellite, Mars has two, and Pluto has one. It is estimated to be about 4700 million years old. The Sun is obviously as old as the Earth.

So, tell me who doesn’t want to explore the earth? I think you can’t say a single name, especially kids’ shows more interest to discover lot about earth, and not only kids but every one is enthusiastic to learn more about earth, and it fun and excitement if you explore the earth by playing a game.

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