Choosing a pilot profession is a bold decision than other

The taste of choosing a profession is depends on that particular individual, because some want to be a doctor, some likes to be an engineer, etc. But, taking a decision to be a pilot is really a fantastic and a very bold step. Why not? To be a pilot the individual has posses some sort of eligibilities. The term eligibilities not only point out the educational qualifications, apart from the educational qualifications that require for being a pilot there are certain characteristics in which the individual needs to qualify.

There are millions of students in the world, completing their academic years and choosing different types of professional carriers, but few of them are opting to be a pilot. Before we speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of being a pilot, let us know little bit about phobia. A phobia is generally known as fear or a sensation of health disorders. There is very interesting reason why lot of people doesn’t opt to be a pilot, because the individual may be affected with symptoms like aviophobia, aviatophobia or aerophobia will exhibits the fear of flying or fear of being in a flight or helicopter. It is naked fact but they will never disclose about their symptom.

The fear of flying is distinct type of phobia since it is indirectly mixture of 1 or more other types of phobia which are related to flying. The combination may be a fear of enclosed spaces known as claustrophobia or a fear of heights known as acrophobia. There may be other causes for development of such phobia may be because of fear of crashing, a feeling of not being in control, fear of being sickness, fear of being hijacking, fear of flying in nights, or fear of flying over water, etc.        

Now I strongly believe that, you might have understood why I said that taking a decision to be a pilot is very bold, because it is not with in the limits of every one to overcome the phobias which born because of fear of flying in a flight or helicopter.

Ok let me hope that you have passed in the above and got the pilot license. It is immaterial here in which pilot school you got the training, what amount you spent, what type of question you asked to clear the doubts raised while taking admission in that particular pilot school, how you selected the best school, and what criteria you have consider to come to a decision to finalize that pilot school in which you have joined to get the pilot training or license to fly a flight. Because let us discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a pilot.

The advantage of becoming a pilot is that there is a chance to visit different countries without paying extract amount. It is honorable profession and there will be a status in the society for being a pilot. There is a wide scope of job opportunities due to globalization and about salaries, you know well what bucks being added to their accounts in a month. There is one more best advantage is being a pilot when you travel in different countries you may come in touch with different societies, cultures, languages and there is better possibility to learn more if you are enthusiastic to get knowledge other wise it is up to you.     

The worst and terrific fact of disadvantage is you are the person being a pilot is responsible for the lives of the people who travel in the flight which you pilot, means you are taking the guarantee of their lives. So to reach them to their destination safely means the calibration of skills you show while responding in unwanted events. The other disadvantage of being a pilot is that, you will have to stay away from your home, may be two days, week days or more it depends on your schedule of journey.

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