Flight schools and involvement of hidden costs in pilot training

Usually most of us are unaware about the word “hidden cost”. Generally some business will use to hide some types of cost of services or products which we purchase and these hidden costs will come out when we use them. Due to these the terms between business and individuals may get break and chances to proceed legally, but in few cases. The best example of white collar hidden cost is that, if you have been asked to spend some more extra charge for a pillow when you have already spends a lot to make a journey in a flight. So how you feel really?

If you have decided to join a flight school to make your dreams true to be a pilot and to get the pilot’s license, then it is very important for you to be known how much amount is required to complete the complete the program. So be conscious of the hidden charges before signing the agreement and be prepared what type of quires to be cleared from the flight school so as to get your license to fly.

More often it is the strategy of a business when a client come to them they lay out the red carpet for the clients, the same may happens with the flight school which you approach. They will try play every possible role to attract your attention with a tour of their classroom facilities and flight to be used while in training, introducing with the instructors and probably by the end of the tour they may show the test flight in which you will sit in the pilot’s seat while in training course. After all this introduction of their facilities and faculty they will show some brochures with colorful photos about their school. Next they will present the class program schedule and contract on which you have to sign and finally they will let you know about schedule of costs with possible payment option whether in installment or one time or else.    

In fact there is a very interesting reason why they let you know the cost in the last; it is strategy to make you anxiety and to commit before you look in to complete fee details. Basically all most all flight schools are meant for business for profit and majority of flight schools may fails because of not showing fees openly. But it is very rare even though they do business.

If they let you know all details about fees and other hidden costs openly, such as cost of books, duel instruction fee and fuel charges, then it will be up to you to decide whether to join or not. It will make it possible for you to make a rough estimate that how much amount required to complete the pilot training course and to get the license to fly. You should not underestimate the hidden costs such as “books” as you are required to purchase them yourself to complete the course, “fuel cost” as they may not include in the course fee, so you can imagine how it will be a big hidden cost, especially now a days the price is very high. One more hidden cost is duel instruction fee, it is a major part of your pilot training, and you will have pay for in hours when an instructor is with you, it is per hour. So you must know about all of these hidden costs before you join the flight school.

A minimum of 40 hours flight time is required as per FAA, so now it is time to make pre final estimate that how many flight hours you required to go through in flight school and finally you need have final flight with FAA examiner, so you have to include the fee of the examiner, and finally make a total estimate with all the above. Here it is up to you to take final decision on which flight school you want to join with in your financial budget to complete the pilot course and to get the license to fly.

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