Free games are for entertainment, not to be get addicted

In these days children are taking a lot of joy and entertainment by playing online free games on the internet. Why not, after all the World Wide Web is providing such facility to them. It is not only limited to the kids, the adult children and adults are also testing the taste of the juice of the fruit. The fantastic reason behind playing free games is that there is no involvement of financial commitment. As there is almost all no expenditure to incur except electricity bill, most of us are being attracted towards free games.  

All right I agreed, there is no need pay a single penny to get more fun and joy with free games, but you are looking at one side of the coin, but there is also another side. You are not looking at other side of the coin, what are the facts hidden on that part. If I tell the fact, probably you may get a big shock.

Definitely there are advantages of playing free games because you not require paying and discover a lot of fun, joy, entertainment and the other benefits you think better, it is up to you, but there are also disadvantages.

If I ask you what are the advantages of playing a free game maybe you tell a long list, but no one will bother about pros, because if it helps to give something and that’s grate too. But when we speak frankly, the terrific disadvantage of playing online free games is that it leads you towards “game addiction” and “anxiety”.

Let us discuss about game addition; when you are new for gaming you will be in your control play the games as per leisure and availability of time. And staidly when time goes on you will begun to spend a bit extra time because more interest. After some more time you will be under the control of the game and unwillingly you are not under your control. Remember these online games will control you and your brain, when you sleep, eat, study or what ever you do, always think about the games. Once you entered in to the snake’s hole then it is tough to bring out. The intensity of game addiction is like for example if you sprinkle some ink on a white paper and you desired to remove the marks of the ink, does it possible, certainly not possible, even though you apply lot of techniques the patches of ink remains too. In the same fashion once you get addicted to game it is not only easy to bring your life to normal position, but it is risky as it is related with psychology, because psychology is the study of mind and such cases will be treated by studying the behavior in a scientific method.
Computer Game Addiction

Just remember what you were thought that there will be no need to pay single buck to play free games, and when you get addicted to games, you will need to pay much more than what you considered as free, to come out of game addiction. So there is not only lose of money but also you will loose health also.

In this regard, we can not blame game developers or game sellers, it is their business and no one is coming to your door steps to invite you to play games. You are the individual who wished to play games online as per your desire, so it is your responsibility to be with in the limits. If you ignore the limits then you will come under the control of the game and your life game will be out of control. When the game of your life is not under your control, then future is question mark.  

It is my sincere advice to every one; don’t spoil your bright future just by spending lot of time on game and spend that time only what you scheduled in your daily life. After all, this facility is provided to you to be entertained at your leisure time, not to spoil your life time, since some said “prevention is better than cure”

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