Naztech Bluetooth Mini i-Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

Touch screens are great for general navigation and manipulation, but when it comes to writing long emails, blogs, articles, and your Apple device's onscreen keyboard isn't convenient. Naztech developed the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard as a portable solution for enthusiasts looking to use their tablet or phone to the fullest. The keyboard will fit in the palm of your hand, with keys similar in size and space to slider phones, enabling you to use your thumbs or finger tips. The Naztech Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is compatible with the iPad 2. Included in the packaging is a USB charging cable and mini CD with pairing information. The 49 key devices offer a QWERTY layout and function button for accessing additional controls including volume and directional commands. - 49-key input keyboard - Color LED for working status indication - Micro USB port charging - Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery - Bluetooth version 2.0
Naztech, Bluetooth, Mini i-Keyboard, Apple iPad 2
Naztech Bluetooth Mini i-Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

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