Online Games and its Impact on Children towards Addiction

If we speak about online games which are available on the internet, there is no doubt that there are plenty of games available nowadays to suit all ages and genres. Nowadays the internet has created such a platform that a child can browse the net and finds the games that they like to play. It has become so easy for that like brushing in the morning. So some of the games are so easy that the children can find them and use as per their requirement and some games are so sophisticated that only adults likes to play them.   

In this regard, some games are simple, educational and children like to learn basics of Mathematics, Physics and other subjects. They use to do some sort of home work and assignments, even online tests, etc. There is some other type of games which improves the brain memory. These games help to children to keep their brain fit and healthy for a long time. So on one part these games help the children to learn so much and also improve intellectual activities, but there is one more side of these games, that is addiction to games.

Now the matter is that, what is the impact of games on children and adults, it is horrible and terror to say that, there is a great impact of addiction of games on all age group of people.

You may think what reason had forced me to say like that? Yes, there is a evidence which I like to place before you. One of my friend is having two children, elder is daughter is about 15 years and younger is son, and son is about 13 year old. My friend thought that, if he buy a computer, that may help his daughter in studies, to learn more online and get through in examinations with good marks. The idea is not bad and he bought the computer. The story has started now! Yes the purpose to buy a computer is fair, but his son has begun to play games on computer. The scenario after few days only that, you don’t believe me his son, when he wakes up in the morning start the computer jump and bump starts, the situation is reached to that extent, the child is absent to classes, the marks has gone to low, teachers making compliments, and so many consequences have taken place. At one instant when his mother says to stop the playing games at what time can you imagine i.e. midnight 12.00, I am sorry to say, he use to speak a vulgar language and all other neighbor begun to start what is happened to boy. Believe me it is FACT and a terrific impact of games on children.

I don’t say that the same will happen with others, but parents should take care of their children and the parents should educate the children and stop them to not to get addicted to games. I hope you may remember my advice.

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