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When we speak about Mathematics subject, most of the children consider is as tough to understand and to learn. When they think about math, they keep the emotions such as they are looking at a ghost and I am sure that they fear more than that what I said. At one side it may be true to some extent and on the other side it may false also. It may be true because the way in which they were being taught, and may be false since they don’t concentrate on how to learn math. But the children are not responsible for the reason why they don’t concentrate, because it is primary responsibility of a teacher who teaches them to make the kids to concentrate.

So the role of a teacher is grate, basically it is depends on what extent the teacher can pull the attention of the children on the subject. Thus the teacher should hold the complete responsibility for this reason. But we can not blame them, since the position of a teacher is high in the society in view of the fact that a teacher makes a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, an actor, a CEO and many more and to a level of President of a country. The President who is sitting on the position was a child and got basics from a teacher. Therefore a teacher should have a lot of patience in make such a great people.

A situation may come when a teacher loose their patience when a child is unable to focus their attentiveness on the subject. The consequence of this situation leads to loose the temptation and ultimately they behave irresponsibly. When we watch TV certainly we notice few incidents in the News with a subject that a teacher behaved rashly with a student, what ever may be the reason whether the child has not done the home work or something else.    
The Math Riddle Book

Contradictory to this if the teacher tries to teach it in something different way, there will be a chance to make some twist in the story. I mean to say if you try to teach math with some fun games, then it will add some spice in the recipe and brings more taste. Of course it is not a new idea and in most of the countries and most of the schools they are using this method to inject the math subject in to the brains of the students in a healthy atmosphere, just by using some fun games. But still in some countries they are unaware about these games. That’s why math subject seems like a banshee to the children.

Therefore these games will not only give easiness to grasp the math to the kids but also it makes convenient to the teacher to explain them well. There are many math games which are available on the internet. Making math with worksheets and that to with fun puzzles and games will give the best experience to understand to the kids. They will laugh loudly when they complete the puzzle with the game.

Now days there are lot of websites on the internet which provides math games for free or other wise if you are ready to pay few dollars, you will allowed to download the games and materials in printed format also.    

Anyhow, Ohh “teacher” you are grate, salutes to you. Please tell those children to build a good nation.

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