Frosted screen protector front and back with cleaning cloth for iPhone 4

I hope you will be aware with Apple iPhone 4 price, if not for your kind information it is $842.22 approximately (on this day). Oh is that not a big amount, all right let it be, what may be the price of Apple iPhone 4. If suppose you own it and unfortunately or by mistake a scratch is happened on iPhone 4 screen, then just imagine the how much you get hearted. A scratch will literally spoil the look of iPhone 4.
Frosted screen protector

So to over this situation there is a solution and that is using front and back screen protestor. By following this way there is a chance to avoid such scratches on iPhone 4 screen. Because this frosted screen film is made up of PET material and it is completely anti-dust, waterproof, anti-finger print, anti-scratch, and anti-glare. It is absolutely suitable to iPhone 4G. This frosted screen protector for front and back is available with cleaning cloth for iPhone 4 and also transparent. One more thing to be noted that this frosted screen protector is specifically designed to perfectly suit to iPhone 4 so that you can remove it, wash it and reuse and you will notice no residue due to using this screen protector. Is that not great?

I consider that it is the best way to protect your Apple iPhone 4 screen from scratches by using frosted screen protector as it is cheap, durable, washable, reusable, made up of good material, best quality and much more. Once you use this, definitely I believe a force will come from your friends and relative to order some more for them. That’s not ended and you can keep your screen looking brand new with this screen protector. I feel that it is an intelligent decision to protect your iPhone 4 screen with this screen protector.  

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