Feel the Magic XY XX Nintendo DS

Feel the Magic XY XX Nintendo DS
Have you ever tried to win the heart of women, it not this game is required for you. Although based on a romantic storyline in which the final objective is to win the heart of a stunning young woman, this Nintendo DS open title from Sega's Sonic Team is more of an action puzzle collection than a dating sim. In the role of a love-struck lad, players vie for the fair maid's affections from beginning to end a series of quirky, weird, fast-paced mini-games, not totally dissimilar from the collection found in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame! Unlike the one-button fun of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance hit, on the other hand, the a variety of mini-games in Feel the Magic are intended to create first-class use of the DS' different input and organize options. Players will work together through the touch screen, and still blow into the microphone, to overcome rapid challenges and development in their ardent quest. So don’t miss the chance to try Feel the Magic: XY/XX Nintendo DS. 

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