Puzzles for kids to understand the Likeness for Puzzles

Play is a resource for relaxation and stimulation of the body and brain. It’s a sure approach to expand your creativity, imagination, problem solving ability, and even mental health. Activities for children are simply not to occupy their time or a few minutes of distraction. It develops them physically, mentally and emotionally. Children have constant growth progress and suddenly take a giant stride – thus our activities with them are very essential. When you’re involved in their development process, it’s a sign that the child is in the good hands.  Try to find the best activity for your child. Kids generally have trouble in concentrating. This is the real fact of life. Play is the doorway for learning. Play can create imaginative skills in kids that lead to creativity and discovery. 

Nowadays the popular entertainments are the games for kids. The first expression itself could be excitement and to be fun loving. Mostly children were the initial devotees and later adults to love it. There are games like sports, action, adventure, racing and puzzling.  Each game provides a unique impression and experience.  When internet became common, games became better. As children grow, new skills are acquired and it needs to be practiced. Puzzles are the best inputs to build the emerging skills in them.

There is a clear and distinct goal with puzzles; it either fits or not.  Kids feel puzzles are fun and will persevere and discover that nothing pays off with it.  Enormous feel of victory and accomplishment are achieved with puzzles. The tangible results in mastering new skills enhance the confidence level and take you to the challenge. This is not puzzling for us, in knowing why kids have such attraction towards puzzles.

Several matching activities help the kids to note similarities, later enabling them in generalization. They learn how to group the pieces in categories – like recognizing m and M are related. The other cognitive abilities are in making distinctions. When a child identifies that a piece is too big or of wrong shape, they know what belongs to the group. In puzzles that deal with hidden pictures, kids observe keenly each object that are positioned at different locations in the complex picture.  This is an essential skill for kids as it helps them to discriminate between b and d. Puzzles games for kids involve memory activities also. It helps to hold the visual images in the memory – in finding a blue piece to complete the bird house. Even observing the patterns help the kids to predict what is next. This ability to create patterns is necessary in reading, mathematics and sciences. 

It is illuminating to know why so many kids are so drawn towards puzzles. It is a fun way to practice the emerging skills, to develop a positive “can do” approach when they face new challenges. Puzzle games for kids are very essential.

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