Using Computer Games as a Professional Learning Tool

Did you know that because of the fast developments in graphical and processing realism of today's computer games and video games, that many people and organizations are using them as part of their formal training? To name two particular professions which use computer games and video games as a training method, it may surprise you to know that this would include airline pilots and the army. Suspecting that the pilot sitting at the front of the large commercial plane you are about to fly on has had all his training playing a little game on his home computer is likely to unnerve even the most calm of passengers, as would suspecting that your home and country was being protected by an army who have had little other training than sitting in a dark room hitting a few keys on their keyboard and occasionally clicking a mouse. Of course, this isn't the case, and whilst computer and video games do feature as part of the training, they only feature as a relatively small part of the whole, and usually for very specific reasons. Flight simulator games available today, such as Microsoft's Flight Simulator, are so realistic and accurate that a whole range of aircraft cockpits are replicated in details, and the scenery, coordinates and position of key locations such as airports so accurate, that it is very easy to practice navigational skill using this method. Clearly nothing but practice in a real aircraft will prepare a pilot for flying an aircraft, but learning about what the controls do, how to read them accurately, and understanding about navigation is not only easily learned using a game like this, but of course is also much more cost effective. Twelve hours use of a computer station carrying out a range of tasks and objectives using flight simulator software costs very little indeed, whereas twelve hours of flying time in the air, using up fuel, using a plane, and requiring the services of flight navigators, engineers and a support pilot will cost a very great deal of money. Not only this, but the trainee pilot can easily experience a number of problems and weather conditions it might not otherwise be feasibly possible to train in for real - so a simulator can be used to put the pilot in a situation where there is a navigational problem, a landing issue, an engine failure or other situation which in real life it would either be not possible or simply dangerous to replicate. Similarly, the army sometimes uses modern computer games to work out and practice tactics and strategies in environments which allow them to quickly and easily adapt to situations, practice situations repeatedly, discuss the merits or failures of methods, and learn to work in certain situations as a team. Anyone who has ever played a complex computer game with other people knows just how important effective teamwork, communication and an understanding of your own role are to the overall success of the group. Computer and video games will never replace real world experience, but they can certainly help to replace unnecessary danger, cost and time in improving performance.

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