Zygor Guide Vs Other In-Game Programs

Many players look to free guides as the answer to leveling faster. They do not want to pay the money to buy a guide that is both a guide as well as an in game add on that walks you through the process. Zygor has created a guide that every serious leveler should have.

Questhelper is a free mod that will help you find quest areas, and destinations. It has the potential to be one of the best addons available for World of Warcraft leveling, but it will never reach that level. It has the power to show you where to go once you got a quest, but it does not have the ability to show you the best path to follow for the best experience per hour.

You could combine it with a free leveling guide from many sites online, but with those guides you will have to print them out or constantly tab between screens to follow it correctly. While these free guides are much faster than stumbling around questing randomly, there is a better way.

Zygor Guides comes with an in game guide that removes the guesswork and increases your experience gain. You will not need to tab out of the game for any reason to follow his step by step guide. Zygor Guides even includes leveling guides for every race, something most free guides do not include. As an added bonus, using a Zygor Guide, you will not have to grind as much as you will in those free guides.

Save yourself a ton of headaches and buy your copy of Zygors Leveling Guide today.

For more information, check out World of Warcraft Guides.

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