SureCharge 1500 AC 1-3S 5 Amp Balance Charger

The Li-Po batre charging requires intensive care, and you should remember that these batteries should be charged with specific Li-Poly battery balance chargers only which are made to charge these types of batteries. Other wise the consequences are some times dangerous. Better to try the SureCharge 1500 AC 5Amp Lipo / Life-Po balance charger which is designed with automatic memory to remember the last charge rate setting with LED light and caution you with beep indicator about the charging status. It is also designed to reverse polarity and output reverse protection with built-in cooling fan. The great feature of this SureCharge 1500 AC 1-3S 5 Amp balance charger is that you can opt for charging mode to fast charging.

SureCharge 1500 AC 1-3S 5 Amp Balance Charger

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