Here, There Be Dragons, The Imaginarium Geographica

On a rainy London evening in 1917, three Oxford undergraduates mourning the murder of a professor are approached by an odd man who gives one of them a book to safeguard; the book that was the reason the professor was murdered. Chased by the Windigo who killed the professor, the four board a ship in London harbor and travel through the lands outlined in the book they carry -- The Imaginarium Geographica, or an atlas of imaginary places. As they travel through lands that may be familiar to readers of myths, legends, and fantasy literature, the young men develop resources they didn't know they had and help preserve our world. In a concluding twist it is revealed that the travelers are Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and H.G. Wells, and that all of their novels were actually descriptions of the places they had been. At least one sequel will follow this.

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